Burger and sandwich is the tasty food but it is junk food.Burger is not so good for health ,but it is very tasty.Sandwich is partially good for health.but all like that food because it is very tasty,they do not care about their health.For just 2 inches tongue,we give trouble to our body.
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Burgers and Sandwiches are commonly eaten by Americans, Europeans. but now it is found worldwide. Burgers are very tasty and healthy if its filling is of healthy vegetables but the cheeseburgers are very bad for health. it contains a lot of fat and cholesterol which is very bad for health. Large amount of fat resuts in obesity and sometimes cholesterol may be fatal. Sandwiches are also tasty but not as burgers. But is is generally healthy. It does not contain any bad thing for our health. But sometimes sandwiches also becomes junk food. We have to try our best to avoid bad things and be healthy.