MSM - Methane Sensor for Mars
MENCA - Mars Exospheric Neutral Component Analyser
MCC - Mars Colour Camera
LAP - Lyman Alpha Photometer
TIIRS - Thermal Imaging Infrared Spectrometer
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There are five payloads - electronic instruments with sensors to collect data and send them to space station on Earth.

1. Lyman-Alpha Photometer (LAP)
         to measure the amounts of Deuterium and Hydrogen in atmosphere

2. Methane sensor
       - to  check the content and existence of methane in the atmosphere.

3. Exospheric neutral composition analyzer
       - to know the atmospheric composition - in Exosphere

4. Thermal Infrared Imaging spectrometer  TIS
       -  to take photos of Mars surface and atmosphere using infrared rays.  These images will identify the availability of minerals.  Also indicate the temperature distribution.

5. Mars color camera - to take images.
           Normal regular photos.

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