Fashion is the art of designing and wearing  simple, elegant, differently styled, and appealing fancy robes.  A fashion establishes a trend among people to follow it.  Fashion designers create new types of clothes using new technology, fabric, stitching methods, specific to the height, weight, size, and complexion of the people porting the robes.  Fashion often gives a clear rich look.

 Fashion and models associated with fashion are not always very good. There is a film in Hindi that Priyanka Chopra acted.  It shows a story of a model.  So we need to be careful and not mad behind these fashions and modelling. 

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fashion is a style of dressing and has become very popular these doesn't only means  fancy dresses , it means all sorts of dresses like indian dresses , western dresses(dresses of foreign countries),traditional dresses ,casual dresses etc.

fashion is something which we do for our own happiness and for the people to is greatly dependent on the summer season we cannot wear the clothes of winter and in winter we can't were the dresses of summer.

people usually judges us by seeing our sense of , first think what the world wants you to wear and then choose your dress.
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