the full name of akbar is jalaluddin akbar.
he was the third mughal emperor.
he was born on 14th october 1542 in amerkot (pakistan).
he had three wives.they were jodha bai , ruqaiya sultan begaum and salima sultan begum.
ruqaiya was the first wife followed by salima and jodha.
akbar died on 24th october , 1605 in fatehpur sikri.

Akbar was a great king of Mughal dynasty. He was the third king to occupy the throne. Humayun was Akbar's father. Badsah Akbar's full name was Jalal ud-din Muhammad Akbar. He was the ruler from 1556 until his death in 1605. Akbar was born onOctober 14, 1542 in Umerkot,currently in  Pakistan.   Mariam-uz-Zamani ( Jodha bai) ,Heer Kunwari ,Ruqaiya Sultan Begum and Salima Sultan Begum   were his wives.