1. Performs basic arithmetic and mathematical operations, common financial and statistical operations.
2.Can create balance sheets, budget sheets, time-tables, etc.
3.Can also be used to create graphs and charts.
4.You can also create contact lists using a spreadsheet software.

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1.  We can maintain student data, employee data. We can update information easily.

2.  Our contacts - addresses and telephone number information.  Simple and easy data entry and updates.

3.  We can prepare tables - like mathematical, scientific information or numbers or quantities.

4.  We can prepare comparative tables and charts.  There are many charts like histograms and plots - 2 dimensional and 3-dimensional.  Many presentations for marketing, sales, forecasts and results are prepared in these applications.

5.  We can do programmed spread sheets - inter linking of various data fields from one table to another and from document to another.  Hence the various computation based entries get automatically filled and updated for successive years, for example.  The relevant figures from previous months or weeks or years will be automatically taken into account, by linking them properly.

6. Excel reports may be included in research reports and bank reports.  The information can be securely and password protected.  They can be made read only.  So they can be distributed on intranet and internet and viewed by many.

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