This country's are those once been as a Conley of British later obtain his sovereign(total autonomy or partial autonomy) formed an association for collaboration on both economically and culturally help between them like no export and import tax ..ect.., this association list of countrys called as Commonwealth countries.they are few country in the list with starting with letter 'N' Nigerian, i took the country Morio Aotearoa, meaning ‘Land of the Long White Cloud’ the well know name is New Zealand. New Zealand is country consists of two large islands (North Island and South Island), Stewart Island and a number of offshore islands situated in South Pacific ocean. Climate temperature varies to seasons from 6-20°C. New Zealand land mass is mostly portraits has mountain regions so plants has grown with unique way where has most small plants grown abover the tree lines . and new Zealand is covered by 31% of subtropical forest. Fauna are also has a unique diversity because the island was long been isolated from settlement of Polynesian and European arrival .new Zealand holds many flight less birds like kiwi, kakapo,weka .... And many sea birds. Where as to its geographical location the top predators are well absent so has many creatures live an open(un protective ) life .