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Once upon a time there was a boy who was studying degree in a college . He used to go college in bus. But one day due to some reasons he missed his bus. So he thought he was very unlucky and sat in a auto in which he saw a girl who he thought as his angel .As he tried to talk with that girl her stop came and she went away .That night the boy did not get sleep and he was waiting for the next day's morning . Again the same thing happened the next day .Next day the boy thougt to speak to that girl and he spoke to her and took her phone number.Then onwards he tried to show that how much he loves that girl .Then one fine morning the girl came and asked the boy that does he love her .Then the boy replied yes.Then the girl did not accept his love.But still the boy tried his level best to convince the girl. Atlast he the girl accepted his love and they lived happily forever .Then the boy thought how lucky he was and thanked god.  
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