drip irrigation or micro irrigation technology uses a network of plastic cups to carry a low flow of water under low pressure to plants water is applied much more slowly thani in sprinkle irrigation in houses , gardens , terraces .   drip irrigation excede 90%  efficiency ofwheras sprinkler system uses 50% of effiency . it is so effiencency that many water utilitees exempt landscapes with irrigated with drip through drought 
drip irrigation supplies water slowly imediately above on or in surface of soil. this minimize the loss of water through wind & evaporation. it can be oporated through  windiy periods frequenty seen in colorado .  it can be oporated through ac or batery powered controller .   drip irrigation is useful to people who are so busy . adaptable & changable over time , drip systems can be easily expanded through to irrigate additional plants if available . emmiters can be  simply exchanged  through or removed & emitter lines are repostined . when plants died it is easy to remove through emit pluggers .
if emmiters are poorly placed too far apart or too few in number , root devolpment  may be resticted by  limited soil area wetted.