friendship is a bond between two can't be sold or purchased it can only be earned through faith , honesty and love. it is that sweet which have both pain and happiness for a strong friendship it is important that both should trust each other for a immortal friendship.friends are those with whom we can share what we like.

so having a good friendship is like living in heaven on this beautiful earth.
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friendship is a very precious relationship in all our lives.this is just like a very sensitive needs a lot of trust and love  to be is reciprocal.

now , let me ask a question.

who are our friends?
this question is not so difficult to be answered.we all know that whoever our well wishers, he or she is our friend.they are the one who makes us happy and tries their best not to make us cry.
But , a very complicated question , i would like to ask.

who are true friends?
so guys let be give a elaborated definition of this question.true friends , are very rare indeed very difficult to found one.we may never found a true friend as well.this is possible but i think we all should have a true friend in our life.

true friend is the friend who can make us cry by telling a truth but will never make us smile by telling a lie.he or she will always be there with you in your hard ties.according to me this is the actual definition of true friends.they are also called as our best friends.

friends , are very catchy.they feel very bad when we hurt hem,our friendship may break as , we should always take care of this sensitive flower and do our best to maintain this relationship.
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