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These are the measures that can be taken and are taken in developed countries also.  Same can be followed in India also.

They have to use cars more efficiently.  For example, car pooling, driving at the optimum speed as prescribed by the manufacturer for efficiency of use of fuel. 

Building more efficient cars.

Manufacturing more energy efficient appliances.

Insulation of their homes and apartments needs to be carefully done and increased as much as possible. 

Setting the thermostat at the house a few degrees Centigrade lower.

Government may gives incentives for saving energy.

Publicity regarding savings of electricity.

Giving Low interest loans for buying energy conserving equipment for homes : solar energy systems, heat pumps, and insulation.

Use of LED lighting at homes.

(Energy star) Labelling of equipment with energy savings information, so that people know about saving.

Giving Tax rebates and incentives for those who follow government policies on energy conservation.  Government has arranged for LED lighting in public places and traffic lights in the cities and towns

Turning of lights, electronic equipment when not needed.   Saving or reducing consumption of water.  Turning off water tap while brushing. 

Using the micro oven in place of electric oven for cooking meals, and when ever possible.  Using heavy electrical equipment in the night rather than during day.   

Fixing heat leaks in the house as soon as you find them.