Trees are very important for our lives. They play a very important role in the existence of our life. They gives us many things of our use. Such as paper , fruits , vegetable , wood for furniture , medicines , oil , rubber and many things. The important thing that trees gives us is oxygen. They give us oxygen and take carbon dioxide in exchange. They give us life. They also clean air and bring rain.Without trees life is impossible . Actually all the organisms are dependent on each other plants are also dependent on human beings and animals.
                                           But now a days people are cutting trees recklessly for their profits . They cut forests for their own profits. Many forests are cut down for making buildings , flyovers , roads etc . Also making these all things create very pollutions like air pollution , water pollution , noise pollution and earth pollution. 
                             By keeping the point how important are trees in our life we should conserve them. We should think about this . Also government should take strict actions against those who cut trees. Also we should grow one tree every year and take care of it. Water the tree properly and daily. This will overcome this problem.

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