No never our mission to mars would never have been successful without  computers. Now a days when even keeping and recording petty data is virtually impossible without computers......such a big mission as mars orbiter is totally out of question. Without help of computers even the plan of the MOM wouldn't have been made. Controlling MOM from earth is on earth most important things for which computers are being used now.

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 It is not possible to send MOM (mars orbiter mission) or mangalyaan space craft without the help of computers. 

The various calculations can be done by people manually.  Complicated structure  can be built.  To design the space craft shape we need to use automatic super computers to solve many equations and come up with precise results.

To test  the space craft and its electronics, we need  computers and programs to automatically test it in a simulated environment.  This cannot be done manually.

However, there are many  quick reports and anomalies that are pointed out by sensors on the space craft.  These are collected and suitably presented by computer programs.  The solutions given by scientists are converted into actions on various motors through transducers and physical control on space craft is achieved.  It is impossible to control mechanically with out electronics and fast and small digital computers.

It is impossible to manually collect and analyze the data collected by sensors on MOM.  There are millions of pieces of information received every minute and these are to be analyzed to take quick decisions in minutes.

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