Music is not a part of art and is the basic need for survival it is one of the best way to understand feelings without september 11,2001 there was a great tragedy.the twin towers of the world trade center was collapsed and destroyed by the bombs. There was sorrow everywhere. but at that time all the people joined together and sang songs "WE SHALL OVERCOME".Due to the power of music the disaster turned into enjoyment.Music is one way to make our soles filled with god.Music is a primal way for human beings to express what they know and feel. It can be understood within almost any field of knowledge that we have. For example: music is based upon mathematics; music has a foundation in physics  music can even be expressed with colors Zenia, I don't know how old you are, so I don't know if all that makes sense to you. If not, then just listen to music and talk about how it makes you feel, and why. Remember, even prehistoric people long ago had music. It is something that all people need and want, because it helps us to feel and to communicate our feelings.

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Music is very nice i like music