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Hello friend, I wish to speak a little on a heavy topic, that is, Crime against Women in India."  It is definitely not a pleasant topic.  However, I will try to present some important points.

Introduction :

     Crime  against women is any kind of violence or mistreatment of girls, young married women or old aged women.  Women are protected by the law against any crime.  But in practice, many women face violence at home, at public places, at office or while traveling.     Women face harassment, molestation, rape, kidnapping, dowry deaths, forced abortion, sterilization and torture.

Back ground and reasons :

     Traditionally, in our great epics and RigVeda, women have been depicted as the mother nature, mother Earth, Goddess of money and prosperity and so on.  There occurred some political, social changes enslaving women to men.   Since ages women had suffered some push back in terms of social standing.  Due to their tenderness, men often help a strong grip on them showing their strength.   Due to their  social, economic, educational and working status, women had been dependent on men.

Some statistics :

     Unfortunately, the number of reports of violence against women are increasing year by year.  One united nations organization report states that about two thirds of married women face the violence and crime.  Other international reports say about four tenths of women face domestic violence.   The average crime rate is about 20 or more per 1 lakh of population.  It is more in cities and in more educated states. To top it all, the capital New Delhi is among the worst in violating women.

What has the government done ?

     The Indian government has done a lot in terms of legislation for safeguarding the interests of women.  A dozen acts have so far been passed since independence and IPC 354 and 509 are to protect them.  National commission for women, national policy (2001) for empowerment of women, National mission for empowerment of women (2010), policy for reservation etc. have been introduced.  A lot of publicity and education about the bad impacts of violence has taken place.  Now even in villages many women are aware of their rights and are taking care of themselves well.  There are many voluntary organizations for upliftment of women, which help women come out of violence of any kind.

Towards the future :

     Women are like center of masses of families.  Development of women is in fact, the development of societies.  This has been realized by many.  Perhaps forced prostitution and molestation are still prevailing.  However, as years progress, the situation is likely to change.  As Indians are educated more, their wisdom levels are bettering.  Hence, in the next generation, perhaps a decade or two later, we will see a much happier woman in our society and at home.

   As we are told, only when a woman walks alone in the night on roads safely, then only we can say Indians have gained full independence.   "…there is no tool for development more effective than the empowerment of women." -- Kofi Annan. 

Conclusion :

     We must respect and treat women equally well at home.   The children will grow with an ideal mind set.  Only by that in future, our society can ever regain the same prestige as written in Vedas or epics.

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