The length and breadth of a rectangular metal sheet are in the ratio 7:5.four 3 3cm×3cm squares have been separated from the corners of that rectangle and it has been moulded into a cuboid of 96cubic cm of volume.find the area of rectangular metal sheet take in the beginning.




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Let length = 7x and breadth = 5x when 3cm is cut of the length become = 7x -3 and breadth become = 5x - 3 when it is moulded in the shape of a cuboid its height become 3 cm now volume = l * b* h => (7x -3)(5x-3)*3 = 96 => 35x^2 - 21x - 15x +9 = 96/3 => 35x^2 - 36x +9 - 32 =0 => 35x^2 -36x - 23 =0 Find the value of x and then put it in length and breadth then find the area
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