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I am really special. Why so? Why because, Every one says so and I think so too.  My papa tells me I am so cute and I speak so nicely, intelligently and from my heart. My mom tells me I am so beautiful and active, and so I am special.

My uncle tells me I speak so good and he feels happy to see me and talk to me.  So I am special.  My teacher is fond of me.  Madam tells me I speak well and I answer her questions nicely.  I write in good English and also am attentive in her class.  So she likes me and she says I am a special girl.

I think I am special also because I am among special daddy, special mommy, special uncle and special brother.  They speak to me very good and I speak to them very good.  I like them and love them, as they like me and love me.

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u r welcome. nice of u.
sir I am a fan u
really I am flattered. its only your goodness.
no sir ur not flattering

Good morning today I ‘m going to deliver a sweet speech on


Firstly I would like to introduce myself to u… (ur intro).

As we all know that god has created this big and wonderful universe… and in this universe no one resembles or matches with any other… so I think everyone is special here… but I ‘m special even more than others as what I have, everybody don’t have, what I can do, everybody can’t do... I feel lucky and special as I have god’s all precious gifts i.e. my mumma and daddy, teachers who teaches me so well, many friends who cares for me a lot! Even my heart is full of sweet and pretty thoughts. Also I’m good in_________(ur hobbies and interest)… hence I feel like I’m so special…and a single piece on this whole world…

Thank u…!!!  

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