(i) Narmada Bachao Andolan:

The movement started due to specific issue of displacement of tribal people due to construction of Sardar Sarovar Dam on river Narmada. They wanted to stop this construction to get back to their home.

(ii) Nepalese Movement:

It was started by a Seven Party Alliance group to regain democracy in Nepal which had been taken over by the ruling King Gyanendra. Its specific objective was to secure monarchy and regain democracy.

narmada bacho andolan
it was a social movement consists of adivas, farmers , enviromentalists & human right activists to against a large dams was build on narmada river . the river flows through states of gujarat & madhya pradesh in india . there mode of campaign includes hunger strikes , & gathering support from film and art personalaties  ( notably bollywood actor amir kahn)narmada bacho andolan with its its famous spoke persons  medha patkar ,  babe amte recived human right award in 1991
 chipko movment
it was also known as chipko andolan practiced by gandin by methods of satyagraha & ahimsa . through the act of hugging tree to protect them for being falled . this was first started by amrita devi while protesting a king mans to cut tree . the modern chipko movement was started in  garwar hills of uttarakand & then uttar pradesh in 1970 . the land event in this struggle took place 24 july 1974 . when a group of women in reni village  , hewaligati in chamoli district n uttharakand . acted to prevent the cutting of trees . & reclaim there traditional forest . which were threatnet by contracts appointed by state forest department . there actions inspired 100 s of people of such action grass roots level throught this region . its leader wass sundarlal bhagun
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