A beaker is taken and inside a beaker a colourless liquid is filled which is A and a white colour powder is taken which is B when A is mixed with B the colour of solution becomes blue then find : liquid A and white coloured powder B...????

i think it would be easy to all...........
the liquid A is red litmus solution and the white coloured powder B might be a basic one like detergent or washing powder. is it right?
it is right but except the use of indicator.... A is a compound and B is also a compound......???? u r wrong from my point of view...


Water (A) and copper sulphate(B)
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When we mix A and B, the solution changes into blue colour showing that the mixture has changed acidic and it shows that the liquid is water that meansĀ colourless liquid and the powder is a acidic base like copper sulphate.
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