The significance of temples in Indian History shows us that the ART and CULTURE of.. the pasts rulers or Ancient people....
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Significance of temples In Indian history is the following.

1. Construction of temples by people shows that people are God oriented, devoted to bhakti. People believe in faith and religion and very strongly believe that religious practices are good for the society and individual.

2.  Temples show the  skills that the sculptors of India have learned and showcase.  The temples show the technology of construction that was available at that time.

3.  The temples show the use of religion to treat people nicely.  kings were god believing and let the people pray according to their faith.

4.  Temples show that a subject of sculpture was developed ages ago.  Tools were developed to build them.  The technology to  raise stones to great heights was a fantastic achievement in the old days.  The effort to bring and import costly, and heavy rocks and stones was commendable. 

5.  The arrangements to do so were possible only by kings.  It shows the management skills.  Also temples demonstrate the love and affection that kings had for arts - painting, and sculpture.

6.  It also shows the special clan of Brahmins and the respect to them.  Temples show the illustrations for many religious scriptures and stories.  Temples demonstrate a great culture and discipline among everyone.

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