junk food is very tasty ans all of us love to have junk food.

junk foods include ice creams , chocolates , chips ,pizzas , burgers , cakes , candy , dessert and many more.

inspite of knowing that they are bad for our health , eat eat these type of foods almost everyday.

junk food can cause cancer which is being told by the scientists in these recent days.

a very common food that is maggi which loved by almost all the children is very bad for our health and it often causes stomach aches.

junk food contains a lot of fat and this fat is causing obesity .

consumption of too much of these type of foods can spoil our health to a large extent.

but unfortunately , people love to have will be best we we consume them but in a very less amount.

in this way we will not have to quit the consumption of junk food.

so , we should try our best not to consump much of junk food and try having healthy and nutritious foods like green and leafy vegetables.

                                         Junk this junk food  

Fast is a food  served commercially, which is attractive and affordable but in an attempt to meet taste requirements at a low price , several nutritional compromises are made.
                                   Fast food puts as at greater risk of diabetes , hypertension, heart attack , cancer , and obesity. As fast food are usually high in cerostol . sugar , sodium, addictive and preservatives , each of which has been linked to development of chronic disorders.
                                                   Many fast food further have a wide variety of chemical addictive, used to preserve , emulsify colour and enhance the products presentation . these may cause health risk. It can lead to headed tightness in the chest and  a burning sensation in the forearms and back of the neck.
            So we all must jump away junk food from our lives and should start eating healthy food if we want to grow up into healthy and fit citizens of our beloved India. 
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