THE FRIENDS AND A BEAR.. two frnds set out on a journey. They had to pass deep forest that was infested with wild beasts.both promised solemnly to stand ny each other in thr event of danger. They had hardly reached the middle of the gorest wn they saw a bear coming towards them.1 of them was selfish. He forgot his earlier promise n thought it better to save his own life.he at once climbed a tree n thus managed to save his life.he did not care a fig for his frnd. the other person, finding that he was left alone, lay down on the ground. He was muvh frightened. But he had heard that the bear never touched a dead person. He stopped hiss breath for sometime n pretended to be dead. the bear appeared on the scene. Je saw a man lying on the ground. He started sniffing at him and took him for a dead man. Therefore, he left him untouched and moved away. wn the bear had gone out of sight, the man stood up. He heaved a sing of reliff.the other frnd also came down the tree. He asked him what the bear had said in his ear. He said "of course, the bear told me not to trust false frnds who leave others in the lurch."the other man who posed as hid frnd hung his head in shame. A FRIEND IN NEED IS A FRIEND INDEED..
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Go for fairy tales anyways 
there was a giirl who had no frnd then she gets one then one day  the frnd betrays her by stealing her money but when the polices catches her the girl refuses to accept that it was her money and saves the girl and says to her frnd u r always my frnd

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