Tense is used to denote the time of an action.
there are mainly three types of tenses-
1. past tense
2. present tense
3. future tense
past tense is time which has already gone.
present tense is the time which is going now.
future tense is the time that will come.
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There are mainly three kinds of tenses- Present tense, Past tense, Future tense.
further these 3 tenses r sub divide into 4 more tenses-1)simple,2)contineous,3)perfect,
4) perfect contineous
Present tense- It is used to express an action in present time
 he drinks water (comes under positive sentence)
 He does not drink water (comes under -ve sentence)
 Does he drink water? (comes in interrogative sentence)
Past tense-It is used to express an action that happened or completed in past
  He ate a mango (comes under positive sentence)
        He did not eat a mango (comes under -ve sentence)
          Did he eat a mango?(comes in interrogative sentence)
Future tense-It is used to express an action which has not occurred yet and will occur after saying or in future
 They will come here.(comes under positive sentence)
       They will not come here (comes under -ve sentence)
     Will they come here?(comes in interrogative sentence)
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