The Swadeshi movement encouraged the Indian people to stop using British products and start using their own handmade products. The original Swadeshi movement emanated from the partition of Bengal in 1905 and continued up to 1908. The Swadeshi movement which was a part of the Indian freedom struggle was a successful economic strategy to remove the British empire and improve economic conditions in India.The Swadeshi movement soon stimulated local enterprise in many areas. Lokmanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak,Bipin Chandra PalLala Lajpat RaiV. O. Chidambaram PillaiSri AurobindoSurendarnath BanerjiRabindranath Tagore were some of the prominent leaders of this movement. The swadeshi movement was the most successful.The name of Lokmanya began spreading around. People started following him in all parts of the country.The Nationalist Movements in India were organized mass movements emphasizing and raising questions concerning the interests of the people of India.In most of these movements, people were themselves encouraged to take action. Due to several factors, these movements failed to win Independence for India. However, they did promote a sense of nationalism among the people of the country. The failure of these movements affected many people as they withdrew from Government offices, schools, factories and services. Though they did manage to get a few concessions such as those won by the Salt March in 1930, they did not help India much from the point of view of their objective
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