it can be determined through  ultrasound of the pregnant lady also it the born baby chromosomes contain xx is female child and xy is male
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yeah its ryt but in the ques. it wasn't necesarry to tell which chromosomes are male or female
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but my answer is correct
i didn't said ur wrong it is ryt
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Determining the sex of an unborn baby can be detected through ultrasound (routine or diagnostic), or genetic testing (Chorionic villus sampling (CVS) or amniocentesis).

While the potential risks of ultrasound are thought to be minimal, it not recommend simply to find out the sex of baby. There is also the question of accuracy. Ultrasoundis less accurate than genetic testing. Ultrasound is available to the majority of pregnant women, despite the warning against the routine use of ultrasound. Ultrasound testing for the express purpose of determining the gender is not recommended.

Genetic testing is 99% accurate in determining the gender of baby. However, genetic testing carries the risk of losing the pregnancy or harming the pregnancy...

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u can also add... that.. if Y sperm. fertlises the ova then . sex is Male ...if X sperm fertilses.. the Ova.. the sex is Female....
any way. ur answer is absolutely ryt...
thank u vry mch