Book review on a simple book

1 authors name
2 publisher
3 year of publishing
4 no. of copies sold
5 book type after reading it,preface,author,style
6 notes taken throughout the book
7 list of characters
8 main idea of the book
9 evaluate the book
10 summarize the story
need it urgently with this format and on a simple book



so the topic is  book seems interesting.

i would like to write about my favourite book that is heroes of olympus:the son of neptune.the publisher of this book is puffin books.

this book was published in 2012.almost 10000 copies were sold.the book is very adventurous.the author of this book is rick riordan.the places are main in persia.persia is now modern iran.the characters are percy jackson, and the two snake haired ladies.

the main idea of this book is to ake us to a world which is full of adventures and thrill.the book is all about killing the two snake haired ladies.the journey of percy is descried very elaborately in this book.

it is a book of almost 1000 pages.the story begins in mystery of the two ladies and ends with great between their was many struggles but percy overcomed all of them.the ending was actually a happy ans successful one.