so ,swach soch and swach is today's topic.
i found that the topic is quite interesting.let me now ask you all something.

what are thoughts?

thoughts are different in case of different people.thoughts actually means one's opinion , belief or idea.they can be bad .good , immature etc. no one in this world can stop a person from thinking as thinking is all about directing  your mind.

what are sayings?

sayings are those statements which we speak to express ourselves.we speak these statements almost everyday in front of someone or the other.


thoughts should always be good.if they are good then we will speak good words.people usually judges us on the basis of how we represent ourselves.we should speak only after thinking that your thoughts are right or wrong to be represented.if you are sure that you are right , then without any fright you can go ahead and express your views.


our character will be said good only if our way of thinking and speaking is good.never speak in a loud voice while talking to elders as it is a bad manner and effects our impression a lot as , think clean speak clean.