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Latest discoveries related to animals are 
these are global action plan to save amphibians
1.       determine the scale of current amphibian extention crisis
2. pinpoint habitats most need of conserving to avoid future extenctions 
3. identify   the main threats facing  facing & suggest steps to elivate this threats
4. creat a network of experts who keep the asesement up to date and target
the photo in given attachment was painted red frog which was a aphibian which was ready to extinction 
they also find new species such as elephant shrew , cape wearing dolphin, etc

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Tiny Elephant Shrew: A new, tiny species of elephant shrew, also called a round-eared sengi, has been discovered in the Namibia Desert in Africa.
Gopher Cousins:Researchers working in Bolivia recently discovered four new species of tuco-tuco, a small, gopher-like rodent named for its distinct vocalizations. 
Cape Wearing Dolphin:This can grow to be more than 8 feet (2.4 meters) long. But researchers recently named a new species of cetacean: the Australian humpback dolphin,Sousa sahulensis.
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