If I were a raindrop, I would feel happy, sad and confused. There are many reasons to these feelings.Imagine that it’s a rainy day today! Coming down from the clouds, people sitting at their window, watching the beauty of nature is what I see. Sounds like a great sight, huh?! Most people love the scenes the nature has created today, others don't. Let me share it with you! Let's start off with why I would be happy! 

There are countless reasons to be happy. One is because i give life to a tree, a flower, whatever. To me, that's beautiful. I mean, who wouldn't enjoy being the reason something amazing and extremely helpful in nature was created? Besides creating something, i also have the fact that i make some people feel good, though not always.Millions of falling water droplets make the air cool and environment calm. When we start to fall, slowly, everyone rushes to find safe place to save them. Women rush to the roof tops to take their clothes down, to save from getting wet. Small children get excited. You can easily see them jumping and trying to come out to take a feel of rain, to take a feel of me. To some people, we're a form of relaxation. They enjoy laying in their beds to listen to the sound of us on their roof. Others enjoy sitting by their windows, taking time to reminisce, back when they were younger or to think about a loved one. 
The old ponders the rain scene and remembers their childhood and young days, reminiscing when he'd jump in puddles and spin round and round like a record. Yet he never forgets to guard his grandchildren waiting to jump in rain. Still, you see the eagerness of children if they could have been permitted to take a bath. Therefore, he lets them and we fall down around them, knowing that in their eyes we glow and sparkle and make them feel different and better and filled up and clean. We have that type of magic that one dreams of gaining and having. 

Have you watched the scene on roads when it starts raining?...ha ha it's a funny scene isn't it? Some people try to escape by running, some try to take shelter under other’s home. Some take bags or books or even magazines to put on their heads, just to try and escape me, a simple drop of rain. But this is all when it is weak rain, but when it is heavy has no way. Even umbrellas are insufficient because we form together as one and go about our business and fall, fall as if there's nothing to stop us, no limits, we just fall together. Now this is both a happy and a sad feeling. It makes me happy because there's no limits, but the downside to no limits is we may rain too hard and make the humans angry and frightened. I may also cause the overflow of a river, a lake, something leading to people getting hurt and destroying cities and even killing people. It just would be disastrous, and very sad. Then there's also the fact that i may hit the ground too hard and that's something i wouldn't enjoy. 
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When humans hear the heavy lightning with thunderous sounds...God saves them. The poor prays in his hut, everyone comes out on the porch. They peep to see the marvelous scene, since god speaks to us and tells us to take it easy. Calmly his voice soothes us, and gives us rhytm to fall slowly and in an harmonious style. We fall so slow that even children are able to stick their tongues out and swallow us, even though we don't enjoy our limit being the inside of a stomach, we still know we'd end up
.....somewhere, somehow.
this is all i wrote
where do you want to falllplz give
I wud want to fall in a sea........:)
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I am a tiny droplet of rain, formed from the water evaporated from the Sea. It is really hot when I came up here, and  long to go down again and live a peaceful life there, but I know it is not possible. I will have to go through this water cycle again and again but still i am happy since i am able to help the plants and living beings on earth . I intend to work selflessly towards making this world  greener. as we all know there won't be any life without water. So I prefer to place the interest of the Earth above my own comfort, though I do not know where I would fall and how long it would take. i might remain as a droplet for many days in a stretch or sudddenly fall down as rain over a place which would hate me!

Now, being the condensed droplet in a cloud , I am travelling from one place to another along with my other raindrop-companions, in search of a cooler place. I can see the children playing and their delight on seeing the rain-clouds. I can see the concern on the faces of their mothers too as to what would happen if it rains suddenly. I can see that they do not need a rain now. But far away I can see the dry lands which are barren and cracked; the small plants dying without  water and people yearning for a drop of water. I sincerely wish to fall down as rain on these parts because they really need the water and it can help them survive. I would certainly love to be of help in providing  support for life rather than providing just enjoyment. As a raindrop I know how precious water is becoming nowadays and would like to urge people to refrain from wasting water.
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