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because they give physical exercise to our body. they give mind relaxation such that our stress will be gone. we get the more concentration power. through this games we can know our stamina and strength. we can met new friends through games. through the exercise , we will be a healthy person. it improves our dedication and determination to do any work.
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Health  is  a  atate  of  social , mental  and  physical  well being.One  of  them  is  not  stable   then the entire  health  becomes  unstable.One  shold  be      also   physically  active.Some  studies  have  shown that  exercise  can  reduce  depression.It  can  also  prevent  cancer,type  2  diabetes ,cholestrol  and  cardiovascular  disease.For  most  of  the  people  exercise   is  not  a  regular  activity.Physical  exercises  keeps  your  body  and  yourself  active.It  shouldn't  be  banned.A  30  min  walk  eveyday  can  also  be  adopted  as  a  regular  habit.Nowadays  many  children  are  obese.Some  schools  don,t  conduct  proper  exercises  for  children.Many  children  don't  exercise  regularly  and  become  obese.They  don't  often  play  outdoor  games.They  sit  in  front  of  computer  or   TV  thus  adding  up  weight.Exercise  can  prevent this.