A.fill in the blanks with appropriate alternative given below
1.we must be quick.we have.............
a little time/little time/few time/afew time
2.suresh is tired.he needs.............rest
many/afew/plenty of/a large number of
3.this is the.........room i needed.
4.........you do,don't mention my name.



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1. We must be quick, we have a little time.
2. Suresh is tired, he needs a plenty of rest.
3. This is the very room I needed.
4. What you do, don't mention my name.

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I think in 3rd there should be very. Am I right ?

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1.  We must be quick.  We have little time.

2.  Suresh  is tired.  He needs plenty of rest.

3.  This is the very room I needed.

4.  What you do,  don't  mention  my name.
      I think it is correct  ,    rather  this way :

                  Whatever you do, don't mention my name.
                  However you do,  don't mention my name.

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