Why is sky always blue and doesn't have any other colour???

can I get some more explaination? Please!!
no i don't know
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actually your question is wrong, if you carefully sky bfore and after sunset appears reddish orange.But asnwer to your question is ,it's due to scattering of light .
actually color of the sky is blue becoz air scatters short wave length nd becoz blue light is of shortest wavelength the color of sky appears blue.


The sky is blue because when the white light of the sun gets into our atmosphere, the blue part of the light becomes scattered, and that light goes everywhere and therefore we see the sky as blue unless it's night, in which there is no sun, and therefore no light to be scattered, so the sky is invisible. 

Sunsets and sunrises are yellow, orange, and red because the light of the sun has to go through more atmosphere, so all the blue light scatters away before it reaches our eyes. Then the other colors also scatter, just leaving the last three colors of the spectrum. Red, orange, and yellow.
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It is due to the scaterring of light...our atmosphere contains various type of particle in the form of molecule ..when sunlight entering the atmosphere get refracted and we know that refractive index of blue is more than any other colour..thats y refraction takes with every colour present in the sunlight...but except of all colours blue refract most...so sky looks like blue...

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