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Music is meant to reduce pain in every activities we do.

It makes us focus in our work as we do that when we listen to music.

Music works on our ANS(autonomic nervous system) and controls all our activities.

Scientific researches had proven that Music can prevent ailments and control blood pressure.

It creates a separate world for us and parts away all distractions and problems.

Music reduces our stress and creates good mood.

Music for relaxation : Carnatic or melody

Music for exercise : Hip hop or rape
Music is the way in which we get refresh becoz in now a days people are modern they r not like if they do work or getting bored so they go outside and play now everything is itself in,if we compare to now to refresh mind there is source of music and people also like it and they enjoy it and there is differennt type of song which refresh mind every person like other kind of musik like silent song, comedy,rocking,remix etc . but in nowdays people like rap and melody which refresh their mind there is full form for music  M-Mine   U-uninterrupted S-silicate   N-in  C- camera
 now people only like music :

My heart is the beatbox 
My mind is the maestro 
My soul is the song 
My body is the instrument