answer the following questions.

my favourite advertisement is...................

1. how does the advertisement make you feel about yourself??? the advertisement trying to tempt you?in what way??? the advertisement depicting the truth?give reasons.

4.what message is the advertisement trying to give you???

5.what effect does the advertisement on you???

tell me something about your ad ...... then only i can help
wat does mean by 1st ques.. plz explain
what is the feeling that comes in your mind when u see that ad.. simple
thnks.. Jenny


My favourite ad is COCA COLA.

1.When I see the add the first feeling comes that to drink that.

2.No, the ad in not trying to tempt upn me..

3.The ad is both depicting the truth as well as not ..becoz if we drink ..then it keep us cool in other way it is also harmful for our intestine.

4.The msg. that the ad is giving to us to buy the product and keep ur body cool
5.The effect is on me it is also harmful for our intestine. 

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