Cleanliness-an important thing in life is very much necessary in country.Clean environments are like healthy environments which offer a proper living condition for people and many other living organisms.It is an important factor in the countries progress.
Because of clean environments,life would become more comfortable.It is necessary that we as citizens must help in cleaning or at-least not polluting our environments by throwing away waste products.
If all this happens the country will be benefited and the country would develop.
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cleanliness mean the cleaning and removing of dirt.cleanliness is very important in everyone's life.we are usually judged by our appearance.we should always be clean in order to have good impression on others.

local cleanliness is must.the place we live in should always be clean .i cant force the people to keep my locality and city clean but i can tell them the importance of cleanliness.

the good side of cleanliness may change their thoughts and they might start cleaning their city.they might not clean the streets but thy cab just keep their house and gardens clean.this is the way in which i will encourage my locality and city to adopt cleanliness.