1)electric field is created about electric charges.magnetic field is created about moving electric field and charges.
2)electric field may be monopole or dipole.but magnetic field is dipole.
3)electrical field is actually force per unit charge experienced by a non moving point charge at any given location within the field,whereas magnetic field is detected by the force it exerts on other magnetic particles and moving electric charges.
4)the strength of electric field is denoted by newtons per coulomb or volts per meter.the strength of magnetic field is denoted by gauss or tesla.
5)without presence  presence of electric field,magnetic field exists in permanent magnets.electric fields exists in the form of static electricity,in the absence of magnetic fields.
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Electric field result from the strength of the charge while magnetic fields result from the motion of the  charge, or the current. electric fields are easily shielded :they may be weakened or destroyed or blocked by conducting objects such as earth, trees, and buildings , but magnetic fields are not as readily blocked.