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Earth rotates (spins) about itself  from West towards East while it is going around the Sun.  So the The countries in the East see the Sun first.  The countries in the West see the Sun later.

As the Earth moves towards East, the Sun seems to travel towards the west during day time, and in the evening Sun goes below the horizon in the West direction, at Sun set time.

We have the international date line in the ocean is near Japan. SO Japan gets the sun light first before other nations every day.  The western most point in USA sees the Sun last.

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This is because stars appear to revolve and rotate from east to west and the eath rotates from west to east so the stars move in opposite direction. Actually the stars move so slowly that they are stationary(appears). By our direction of rotation it appears to rise in the east and set in the west seen from a particular place and sun is also a star.