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The craze for fast Food among Children
We can see that children like the food served at fast food more than the food prepared at home. Fast food is mainly junk food which is cooked just to gain popularity among people and not based on nutritive values. They need profit to run their business and for that they need more customers also. We know that if the food is tasty customers would flock the food center. No one bothers much about nutrition or hygiene much when they hang around to enjoy. Obviously, many harmful substances like glutamin and animal proteins are added to the items to make it tastier but  harm the health and vegetarians may not approve of animal proteins either. The fast food is easily cooked within no time and has great taste , so teenagers and children love it not thinking about the calories that these junk food add to our body and harm us. We must certainly take a minute to think of the value of home made food prepared with great care and love for us by mothers to benefit us and our health.

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