My group has to prepare a chart for general knowledge so what can we do and we are also to write some questions without answers and request the students to answer it so what can be the heading of this topic of asking questions and plz also give 5 questions keeping in mind 7 and 8's



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The heading can be-
                                                BEING GREEN

Q1. Why are landfill sites lined with special plastic ?
Q2. Why should plastic bottles to be recycled ?
Q3. Most foods needs packaging to protect it. Which would be the most                   environment friendly packaging ? 
Q4. Which is the best way of reducing the amount of paper we use ?
Q5. Tell any 4 non biodegradable waste ?
Q6. Tell any 3 biodegradable waste ?
Q7. What is recycling ?
Q8. What is reusing ?
Q9. What is reduce ?

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