Recently we see there was a league ISL in which it stand 4th in world foot ball leagues see football doesnt attract but we get known skills and nice performing skills so play football get football
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Football as a game has a great standing in the world.  It is played a lot in almost all the counties.  It is played in the streets, compounds of apartments and on playgrounds.  It is a tough game and rough one too.  Still it is a favorite one for many around the world.

Foot ball is the craze of Argentinians, Brazilians, Bengalis, Germans, English and some others.  In India football is catching up with more and more fanfare. The recent Indian league matches show a lot of following to it.

So football is going to be more and more played and watched in 21st century than before.  The games brings a lot of money to the sports clubs, and organizations.  The entertainment received makes place go wild and feel happy.  The stadia are constructed and so people get employment. The sales of footballs help people to earn livelihood.  The hotel industry is happy to get visitors.

Big business of betting during matches is not a good thing.  But as a game, football teaches the young to play hard, build stamina and learn to surpass oneself.

Football clubs may become commercial and more clubs may come in many towns in India.

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