Jasleen put on her coat and scarf and came out. There was a strong chilly wind and it was very cold. She came near a tree which had no leaves. " Why are you so bare now?" sahe asked. "Because it is winter," said the tree in a rough voice. "Don't you feel cold, you poor thing?" asked Jasleen. "I feel cold when there is a strong wind." The tree shivered. "Put on some more leaves. They will protect you from the cold," said Jasleen. "It will be spring in a few weeks' time. Then I will put on many leaves," replied the tree. Jasleen removed her scarf and tied it around the tunk of the tree. "It will keep you a little warm," she said. "It is very kind of you," said the tree.

In this paragraph what are verbs?



Verbs are action words and in this passage the verbs are- shivered, came put
Keep,put,came,are,is,feel,shivered,protect,was,will be,replied,removed,tied,asked,said are the verb...................