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   There are many advantages of adventurous trips.  Of course one has to plan well ahead an adventurous trip, take precautions, be well trained in survival techniques, have courage, be prudent and listen to the leader's and predecessor's advices.

1. A person overcomes fear phobia.

2. An adventurer gets satisfaction of achieving some thing out of ordinary.  He feels very good.

3. Many people become adventurer's fans.  Adventurer becomes famous. 

4. Adventurers discover some things, some times.

5.  Adventure becomes a means to learn more knowledge and become wiser than before.

6. Adventurers can win awards.

7. The adventurers set trends for their successors.

8.  Going on adventure periodically is a hobby.  It is done either individually or in a group.  In a group, it improves the team spirit and promotes healthy relations.  If adventure is taken up individually then one learns to be independent, and capable of achieving difficult tasks.

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