Choose the correct verb from those in brackets:

1. I --------------------- English for five years.(study;am studying; have been studying).

2. Don't disturn me, I ---------------- my homework. (do; did; am doing).

3. Abdul ------------------- to be a doctor. ( wants; wanting; is wanting).

4. The soup ------------ good.(taste; tastes; is tasting).

5. He --------- TV most evenings. (watches; is watch; is watching).




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I  have been studying English for five years.
2.  Don't  disturb me,  I am doing my home work.

3. Abdul  wants to be a doctor.

4. The soup  tastes good.     
       In some certain context - this is also corect-  the soup is tasting good.

5. He  watches  tv  most evenings.

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