Good morning everybody,today I'm here to deliver a speech on CHILDREN before you, 
Children are the important assets of a country.They are the future of the the country.The future of the country relies in children. If they learn good things and when they will grow up they will and advice other people to help and will make India a good country. 
It is today's generation which can go ahead and make the world a better place.Children must be given proper education and other facilities,so that they become well educated and would work for the betterment of the nation in the future. 
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children are also known as the another face of god on earth.

children are the sole reason for the happiness and joylessness on this world.

they are the one who keeps this world active.

schools , collages universities etc are all running because of these children.

when they are about 4 years old , they are admitted to the schools after which they goes to collages.

their places in the school is replaced by other newborns.

in this way the balance is maintained in schools , collages and othe educational centres.

when a child is born , the family is filled with happiness.

they donate money to ashramas and other places where money is needed.

in this way the birth of one child helps the lives of the other people as well

so as a fact children has a great role in this world.