wht is the relationship between maths and intelligence?pllzzzz answer fast i hv debate tommrow

do you think studying maths give intelligence anser as fst s u cm plllllzz

exprts dont send that i may write on my own

ihv wriiten some points but plzz help me in simple




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Mathematics helps logical deductions, and reasoning.  It is entirely based on assumptions, and axioms.  Then step by step derivations are done applying rules.  The various diagrams are drawn and used for various proofs.

In the processes used in mathematics subject,one needs to apply processes like cognition, recognition, recalling, speed of processing, and correct calculation etc.  These processes are often related to intelligence.  Application of knowledge is done by intelligence.  That is what we do when we solve maths problems and puzzles.

Generally, intelligent persons are able to solve puzzles.  If a person solves puzzles well, then he is intelligent.

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