Home and House 

Hello friends i am Jagmeet singh and my topic is House and Home . Now the question rise what is House and Home ?

A home is a where you live with your family . In home we feel something that belongs to us . We feel very comfortable in our home whereas a house is a building or apartment or structure whose main purpose is to occupied for habitation by human beings. A house is a bigger than that of home and it may not be a home. A home is always special for you. There is nothing in the world as sweet as a home .A home is a happy home . We always love our parents and they also love us . Everyone in the home is 
cheerful, enjoyable and least burdensome. Everyone care for each other and do their best to make a home a happy and sweet home . 

At last i would say that East Or West , Home Is The Best .
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so , todays topic is  house and home.these two words seems very simple but they have a great role in our life.

i will continue but with the help of questions.

so my first question will be:

what is a home or house?

It is something which solely belongs to is a place where we live home we may not be alone our families may live with us as well.

we feel safe when we are at our own house we feel comfortable  and rest is never possible with out our own house.

as a whole our house really plays a great role in or life.
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