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       Deforestation is good or bad is not an easy question to give an answer easily. There are pros and cons to this issue.  All over the world, this problem is being faced.  However, in certain developed and advanced countries, the issue has been sorted out. But in underdeveloped countries or in third world countries, this issue is still not solved. There is no permanent solution found and implemented in these countries.

       In the advanced countries they cut trees from the forests and take measures to grow trees as many as they cut down.  This process is standardized and systematic.  So regeneration of forests is almost as much as deforestation.  So the system is in equilibrium and balanced.


     In countries like ours, the deforestation is going to create a problem. The re-forestation efforts are not much. Some times there are fires in forests and the burnt area is not grown with trees again until many years.

    Due to deforestation the ecosystem is affected.  Air gets depleted of oxygen and gets filled with Carbon dioxide.  The rains are also affected in the region.  Then corrosion of land is another consequence of deforestation.  The land on top of crust of Earth is held together strongly due to the trees.  Atmospheric cooling is also due to forests.  So due to th e deforestation, we face global warming.  So whole mankind is affected. 

    Due to deforestation, the wild animals will be homeless.  They have to migrate to other habitat.  Due to new environment, they may not be able to adopt to the weather conditions, and may not be able to fight with other animals to earn food and may not survive.  Trees are homes for many birds.  So birds will not visit the area anymore.  Then migratory birds will have to find new homes.

   As forests and greenery becomes less, the herbivores will not be able to survive. Then carnivores will not live because there are no herbivores.  Then people can see animals only in zoological parks.  The entire eco-system will be affected. Biodiversity is disturbed. Many species from bacteria to elephants will become extinct in the wild.  The natural God-made self-sustaining Energy-food flow cycle of eco-system in the region will be disrupted.

    Forests are a natural beauty.  By deforestation, we are harming the nature and God's creation.  The area so gained may become dry and desert like.

There are consequences of not cutting trees in the forests:

     If deforestation is stopped, some industries like wood based furniture industries, paper industries, other industries which take the raw materials from trees in the forests will face a shortage of raw materials.  Hence, they cannot function anymore. The transport industry also will suffer.  Then many persons may go out of jobs.  Much needed products used by people will not be available anymore in the market.  Finding a good cheap alternative to natural wood is a problem.

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