Nervous system coordinates voluntary and involuntary actions
nervous system contains glial cells and neurons
dendrite,soma,axon,myelin sheath,axon,nodes of ranvier, are some of the important parts of nervous system.
The nervous system is a network of specialized cells that communicate information about an organism's surroundings and itself. It processes this information and causes reactions in other parts of the body. It is composed of neurons and other specialized cells called glial cells (plural form glia) that aid in the function of the neurons

The nervous system consists of two main parts: the central nervous system and the peripheral nervous system:

1.The central nervous system is made up of the brain and spinal cord.            2.The peripheral nervous system is made up of the nerve fibers that branch off from the spinal cord and extend to all parts of the body, including the neck and arms, torso, legs, skeletal muscles and internal organs.