Son: dad, I just saw advertisement of a new cell phone on TV. Can I please buy it? Father: but son, why do you even need a mobile? You are not even of age to get one. Son: dad, it's really cheap and it's really going to help me in many ways. Father: well...I don't believe you. All you are going to do is play games and listen to loud music all day long. Son: no dad, apart from entertainment, it will also help me in getting information for my projects easily. Also, if I get a mobile, you no longer have to be afraid of sending me out somewhere. You'll always be able to call me and enquire. Father: oh, I see. But look around. I don't find any of your friends having mobiles? What about that? Son: I think then that will be helpful for them too. If my friends ever want to call their parents, they can rely on me. Father: I see your point. Ok then, I'll get you one on your birthday. Son: oh thank you dad! ! You are the best!