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An agrarian economy is a type of economy that relies primarily on agricultural industry including livestock farming or crop production.
 For instance, many people have shifted from agrarian economy to industrial economies and other forms of white collar jobs. The bulging population has increasingly mounted pressure on the agricultural land necessitating different strategies of livelihoods. Threats of global warming and other climatic changes have also warranted means of diversification.
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Because examples are the most important for me.
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Examples of countries which are agrarian and developing.
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Agrarian Economy is the economy which depends primarily on agriculture. Agriculture primarily means farming but it also includes livestocks. The countries in which more than 50% of the GDP is contributed from agriculture, their economy can be called as an agrarian economy. Agrarian economy almost vanished after the industrial revolution. If it exists, then most of them will be undeveloped countries and some of them will be developing countries.
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