Adventure is almost liked by all the children.adventure needs a lot of passion.we sometimes feel like to get out of out boring life and go on an adventurous trip to the jungle.But I do not think so.I feel that my own life is an awesome adventurous life has a lot of up and downs.I have to handle all these.There are sometimes additional problems which too I have to look after and solve it in such a manner that it would not create any more problems in my life.Adventurous stories are really very has an awesome ending.We are very eager to find out that the man is alive or death.
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Adventure gives you the reality. Danger, happiness, fear everything is included. Adventure puts you to challenges that you have never touched or done before. Once you go on one'll find another calling..why? because, you have never ever done something so risky or breathe-taking before...the lands you see, the temptation, the taste etc..its just a whole new world that you came to, and now...your never leaving. That taste has gotten to you. Adventure is loved, missed and daring..Just do it.
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